How To DIY Welcome Sign

Hi friends! I'm finally doing a how-to instructional post on how to make a giant and gorgeous Welcome sign for your front porch!

STEP 1: First, I started with a 56"x20" piece of solid wood from my local hardware store (although I recommend only having it be closer to 16" wide - after I saw the finished product, I wished it was a little skinnier but that's totally up to you). Then I coated the entire front and sides of it with primer. This is the kind I used, but any will do.

STEP 2: Once that dried, using a large paint brush, I applied a dark brown acrylic paint to the top, bottom, and sides, and edges. I didn't worry too much about the middle because that will be covered with the off-white colored paint later.

I dipped my paint brush in a cup of water regularly to mix a good amount of water with the paint. I do this for 3 reasons: 1) I'm using heavy body acrylic paint which is very very thick. The more water you add thins it out and makes it easier to paint with. 2) It makes my paint go farther 3) I didn't need a dark opaque full-coverage paint job here since this a multiple layer process and I'm going for a distressed look. I especially added water as I got towards the middle. You really don't even need to worry about painting the middle but I just did a light water wash over it with the access paint on my brush just because. Here you can see what mine looked like after step 2 was complete.

STEP 3: Once the brown paint has dried, I mixed up an off-white paint color. You can buy the exact color you want if you wish but I have have years and years of experience in mixing paint so I just made my own color. (In case you want to know how I make my cream/off-white...I just use a bunch of white, a drop of yellow, and a drop of brown. Mix well. Adjust as necessary.)

Don't paint all the way to edges with the white. Focus on long straight strokes centered in the middle. As you work your way to the edges, top, and bottom...use very little paint on your brush and the dryer your brush is the better. Don't over do it. You want a bunch of the brown to show through.

Tip: 1) If your brush is too wet or has too much paint on it, wipe it on some paper towels.

2) Go back over the edges of the wood with a damp paper towel and wipe away some paint so that more of the brown shows through

STEP 4: Sand the front and the edges really well with your sand paper or sanding block. I personally like a sanding block because it's easier to hold onto.

Optional Step: Add a tiny amount of brown paint to your metal gate pieces to give it a used/rustic look by splotching the paint on (not pretty straight strokes) give it character! Let dry before proceeding to step 5.

STEP 5: Add the metal gate pieces with regular super glue. I got these from a hardware store for about $5. I had to take them to a wielding shop to get them separated. But it was easy peezy and they only charged me $10 to 3 sets of them.

STEP 6: Print your letters (I used New Times Roman in 600 size font). Layout on your board how you want them spaced. Use a small piece of masking tape on each piece of paper to hold it in place. Then using graphite paper trace the letters onto the wood sign.

STEP 7: Fill in your letters with your choice of paint color. I used a dark brown (a little bit of regular brown with a small amount of black mixed in).

Voila! You're done!

Here's a picture of my finished product! So pretty! Hope you all enjoyed! Comment below for questions or kind comments! Much love! xoxo

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